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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

an update and a blast...

...from the not so immediate past.

Well, for me, at least.  I ran a PUG with 2 of my guild-mates and we actually wiped!  Apparently Lord of Blades will do that to groups on epic Hard.  Wytorimabor was running tank, but couldn't hold agro without dying.  We came to the part after you kill the puppies, and when the Quori trash came, we couldn't hold it together any longer...both cleric types died, and then the rogue that was throwing resurrections / raise deads also died...  it ended a total mess.  We also had some stupid bitching, moaning, and griping going on in the chat which was also something I haven't seen/heard in a LONG while. 

The last time I was in a party that wiped was on maybe my 4th or 5th ever Shroud run, where we thought that we could run it on elite and also wiped at the second coming of Harry.  I think that was before Christmas, and my job...  I just thought that I should say something about what I have actually done lately.


 Wyt is working on flagging for the new raid in GH and Black Abbot.  Also he hasn't worked out all of the High Road series of quests, and has only solo'd the first in the series so far.  I also still haven't ran the Amrath (sp?) series yet, but a good friend of mine gave me the pieces I was missing for my boots of anchoring, so I can build them when I need to.  I am also one piece (# III) away on my Sigil so I can be flagged for the Black Abbot raid.  Since last year, I hopped onto a group that was running HoX, Master Artificer, and Lord of Blades, so I was able to get into that one and we didn't wipe. I got into a VoN raid and won it too.  I didn't know what we were doing in VoN, as the people were zerging it, and I know I missed at least one chest and the reason why we were in there...  But anyway, check those off of my list of needing to be attempted and won on any setting.


Since my last update, last May, I have completed two tier 3 GH items, a Dwarven Axe, and a pair of goggles, which I have cleansed.  they are both nice, but I am finding that my un-epic'd Templar's Justice with the force ritual added is still working out just fine.  I would like to get a Duergar's Waraxe of the Weaponmaster, just to see how it matches up to the Justice.  I upgraded my Epic Rock Boots to tier II and inserted a Diamond of Intelligence +5 into it.  I figured I didn't have any intelligence boosts on Wyt, so I should get one, and I didn't see anything that I wanted to put there, that I already didn't have on, somewhere else...

 Niernen has TR'd back into a wizard (second life), and is waiting on 7th level so he can get the maximum amount of xp from the quests we are running with the TR group. 

Other Characters:
Notagmtrojan, Slipperyfish, and Ursamajorr have all been trekking slowly, as my job has been pretty much engulfing what used to be my abundant gaming time (but such is life).  They all are in the 10 - 15 level range, so they are in that "too hard for soloing but can't find a party to run quests when I want to" stage of character building.  Maybe I will get some time this summer to do just that... 

Notagmtrojan is in a state of flux.  I retooled her for Mabar, but I haven't retooled her back into the demon-killer that I initially intended her to be.  She has way too many weapons, and way to little space for them all, so I don't know what I will be doing with her.  I will definitely fix the tooling I did, and then figure her out, so to speak...

Slippery is now a dedicated repeater shooting, Master Mechanic.  This is good, as I found a decent guide in the forums regarding this class.  I still enjoy playing as him, and he works out when my friends need a rogue to fill out their parties.

Ursa is becoming a bit of a menace as he is a druidic half elf dilettante with fighter.  He has more options to his weaponry than he would otherwise...  I am still learning how to run with him, but it is still fun to do so.  He hasn't become a hindrance in the parties he has been in, so that is good.


Well, that is all for today.  I hope that we all get the loot we want, on the first try.  Be well and stay safe you all!

Fight On!


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