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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

May you all have a great and joyous year!  Fight the good fight, and have fun storming the castles! --GMTrojan

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update - May

Well as before - If you care, read on, if not please go to another persons post to troll and leave rude comments...

 Adventures: 1) Flagged for Lord of Blades, this past month. That makes: The Shroud, Lord of Blades, Vault/Plane of Night, Reaver's Fate raids that I am flagged for. I still need Zawabi's Revenge, Assention Chamber, The Twilight Forge/Titan Awakes, Tower of Despair, and Hound of Xoriat. Well, I need to be good enough with a good enough party to get to the Hound of Xoriat first... If I have doubled up on one or another, oops... I did a ton of Smuggler's Rest so I could get the epic versions of the gear I wanted and had at lower levels.

Gearing: I am now/still trying to clean out the inventories of all of my toons. I filled them up quite a bit with loot from the Smugglers Cove event that just ended. I finally got that Epic Cavalry Plate that I had been wanting for what seemed like forever. I then matched it with an Epic Swashbuckler, and an Epic Buccaneers Ring. I also got the Fabricator's set and Magewright's Spectacles from House Cannith. I have not upgraded them yet, so I have not seen that part of the bonuses. I'm starting to see the beauty of these pairings and maybe, just maybe will be able to use them into the distant future with Wytorimabor. I know that the spec's don't truly work for a Stalwart Fighter, but the Intelligence boost doesn't hurt at all. Besides that, Niernen will grab them up when he reaches level 18, which might possibly happen in December or so... Niernen has just picked up all five pieces of the Abishi set. I haven't played him with the full set active, so I don't know if it will work out for him, but the increase to his Evocation and Conjuration won't be a bad thing. I just have to figure out what I will be losing in exchange from the addition of the pieces. It will probably just mean that I am going to be changing a lot of things out during adventures now.

Toons: Well, I used that Heart of Wood to retool Wytorimabor. I used the basic build that is given in the ddowiki on the Dwarven Stalwart Defender......


This is unfinished, but it just may be soon...  Real life is happening

Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Epic Run Completed

Yep!  Finally!  Got my first epic adventure completed.  Lords of Dust, if you want to know.  I didn't get any scrolls or tokens for making epic weapons from that series though...  :-(

We also tried VoN1, but got wiped in the Arena.  How do you get out of the way of the kobold casters?  Or is there a series of spells you should have cast on you for the defense you will need to block them all?  Acid fog and death spells don't go well together... Well, off to fight another day!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Update...

If you care, read on, if not then enjoy a different post.  Life is too short to read the musings of trolls in the comments!
 I finally flagged for the Shroud raid.  I don't have enough mats to make my GS item yet.  I am choosing a set of bracers, as all of my other slots are pretty much taken up by gear that Wyt likes, and is using.  I need more chipmunk funk and shiny pebbles, to make the last of the manufactured mats for the blank item. I have been wanting to try Epic adventures, and I actually got another lvl 20 buddy to try Disruptor on elite (lvl 21) last night, and we didn't make it twice in a row.  We almost made it the first time, but that damned Entropic Skeleton wouldn't freaking die in enough time...  The only good things about it, is we did kill the damned thing and got a level 17 chest out of it each.  Granted selling the gear barely covered the repair bills, but it was worth the experience of the attempt.  Do you need more people to attack the epic challenge quests; as I think it should be attainable with 2 live toons, or will the game just scale the mobs to something even worse...  We are pretty much playing it the way we play the non-epic version to grind out the mats, but there just seems to be something missing...  if it is the fact I am not a spell-wielding maniac, then the game can just suck it... Toons... I am also thinking of using my lesser heart of wood to retool Wyt's Feats and skills.  I built him a long time ago, when I was playing pretty much solo and chose whilly nilly his skills and other stuff.  I now have the chance to fix the failures of my inexperienced past, and maybe, just maybe, be just that much better and not suck too much to be a viable part of an epic adventuring team.  I am finding a lot of fun in my Paladin (Notagmtrojan) and realize that she may never become some epic slayer, but the toon does make me happy when she lops off a kobold's head!  Niernen is becoming better at taking out large mobs.  He entered a PUG last night (read below) and pulled a few people out of the fire.  He died a few times, but that is because I forgot to grab a hireling first and they didn't have one either...  They sat in the dungeon, dead, and I pulled and got one, and 4 minutes later...done.

Gearing... I am finding more stuff that I don't use than do now a days.  Most of my other toons are decked out in decent gear that Wyt had found in his adventures, so they are not running much to find it.  I am still trying to get the gear that Wyt needs to do epics...

Adventuring...  I am kinda sad that at least one of my static group has not been on in way over a month.  She has been an integral part of our little happy family and it is also sad that I have not spoken to her in a long while.  Plus, times are a changing, making a longer bridge between levels of toons that I can run with, with friends.  I even actually jumped into a couple of PUG's last night, and had some fun.  There wasn't much interaction between me and the others in the groups, but for those that know me, know that this is a big step.  I have weird rules to running adventures - most notably: 1) No PUG's.  I guess that this is because of a time I was invited to a group that needed a rogue...I didn't know the adventure very well, and definitely not as a rogue, and was bitched out by some player that got angry because I "didn't have the gear I was supposed to..." and "stupidly set off a trap" that everyone knew was there.   I died in the beginning and pulled out of the group.  I didn't need to hear what that person had to say, in the way s/he was saying it.  I figured that if they wanted my assistance they would have to deal with my shortcomings too.  I hope that that toon died (aka permadeath) and they had to wipe the attempt

Friday, March 9, 2012

Woot...got it, and etc...

Last week I found that lovely Templar's Justice. It's such a beautiful weapon! I added the force ritual to it, which makes it just that much better. I also was able to pick up the Templar's Bastion, which now has replaced my Epic Mournload Fullplate for all but those undead-heavy adventures. Plus, it just looks sweeter on my Dwarf. I have also garnered a bunch of other weapons for my other toons (namely Slipperyfish) that will be a sweet addition to them when they reach level... I have been running Wyt through quite a bit of content that I recently got, so I can get the favor and possibly some guild renown of the adventures that I now can do. I will probably be remaking Notagmtrojan (my new pali) once I achieve that Champion status, giving that toon just that much more of an advantage in the long run. I ran Tor with a buddy, but we were unable to finish off all three of the dragon-giant combo's, so I still have not been flagged for the raid there. I attempted ADQ1, but I had to leave in the middle of it, as real life always takes precidence over any gaming life in my house... But that probably will have to wait for another time too, as I have been working quite a bit lately. Even GMTrojan needs to eat and pay bills. 

My other toons have been running my recently garnered content which is on level for them, gaining the XP, Renown, and Favor which makes adventuring oh so fun... SF can now kinda explore into the Fens and other places that were recently over-leveled for him, and Niernen's just plugging along... I am still enjoying myself, and hope that you are all too. I hope to get the new expansion (Forgotten Realms) soon but the bills always take precedence over desires and wants. Sorry for rambling, stumbling, and bumbling here, but just trying to get something out on why I have either been non-existent in the game, or slow on the advancement of my toons. I hope this finds you all well, and I hope to see you all gameside soon! --GMTrojan

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Made Level 20!

Woot! Made level 20 a few days ago. Now to just make the Favor in order to get the 32 pt build and eventually Veteran II status... Just ran the new content with U13. It is very interesting, I hear that there is a named Dwarven Axe - one of my desires, which is epic-able. Just need to get it, as it would work nicely with Wytorimabor. Hope to find it soon. Also, I am now flagged for Tor, and got the shard from Rainbow... Still haven't ran Tor or ADQ1 yet, but that will change soon. I might just do them solo, on casual, to see if I can complete them on my own. Have a great day! --Wyt

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flagging progress and plans for Wytorimabor

I have been making progress in my efforts to flag for different raids/quests since my last post. I have actually been working lately, and two of my static group-mates are totally F2P and don't have the access to the content that I do, so game time has not been as optimal as it could be for Wytorimabor. I have also been running dungeons with my alt ‘toons: Slipperyfish Scallopini and Niernen the Green. With all of that, I still have been accomplishing things, is a positive. I am 2 ancient giant relics away from being flagged for Gianthold Tor, so I am just that much closer to the Reaver’s Fate Raid. I am also two Shavarath shards (Rainbow in the Dark, and ???) from being flagged for the Shroud raid. I am now flagged for Against the Demon Queen (ADQ1), which means I am one step closer to the Zawabi's Revenge Raid. On the leveling, I am about 15k XP away from level 20. I have already made Epic gear for him to use from the Cannith Challenges. I have an Epic Mournload War Hammer, and set of Epic Mournload Full Plate Mail, as well as a pair of Epic Rock Boots to go with it, so I will be geared for some of the epic quests that I would like to attempt. I figure that I will be at level 20 before I am flagged for the raids above, as I am running slayer/explorer/rare runs around the Sands, Meridia, and Gianthold; which tack on good amounts of experience as I wander the surrounding countryside. I am also working towards an Epic Stalker’s Ring for Slipperyfish, my rogue, for him to use when I get him up towards lvl 20. I am also waiting (patiently) for DDO to hopefully reopen Crystal Cove, as I love the loot that I can make from that run. I still want the Tier 3 Epic Cavalry Plate and I will decide on what I will wear primarily, it or the aforementioned Epic Mournload Plate. I don’t believe that I will ever TR Wytorimabor. I like him just the way he is, and I don’t want to change much, if anything about him. This might change in the future, but I would like to at least make it all the way to be able to run Epic leveled adventures and raids. I figure that I will end up using Wytorimabor as a raid runner, as well as an epic materials grabber to upgrade his epic gear once he attains level 20. That is, until DDO institutes U13 and 14, where the top end will be 25 and he will have 5 levels to work on, along with at least 3 more free runs to work out.