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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update - May

Well as before - If you care, read on, if not please go to another persons post to troll and leave rude comments...

 Adventures: 1) Flagged for Lord of Blades, this past month. That makes: The Shroud, Lord of Blades, Vault/Plane of Night, Reaver's Fate raids that I am flagged for. I still need Zawabi's Revenge, Assention Chamber, The Twilight Forge/Titan Awakes, Tower of Despair, and Hound of Xoriat. Well, I need to be good enough with a good enough party to get to the Hound of Xoriat first... If I have doubled up on one or another, oops... I did a ton of Smuggler's Rest so I could get the epic versions of the gear I wanted and had at lower levels.

Gearing: I am now/still trying to clean out the inventories of all of my toons. I filled them up quite a bit with loot from the Smugglers Cove event that just ended. I finally got that Epic Cavalry Plate that I had been wanting for what seemed like forever. I then matched it with an Epic Swashbuckler, and an Epic Buccaneers Ring. I also got the Fabricator's set and Magewright's Spectacles from House Cannith. I have not upgraded them yet, so I have not seen that part of the bonuses. I'm starting to see the beauty of these pairings and maybe, just maybe will be able to use them into the distant future with Wytorimabor. I know that the spec's don't truly work for a Stalwart Fighter, but the Intelligence boost doesn't hurt at all. Besides that, Niernen will grab them up when he reaches level 18, which might possibly happen in December or so... Niernen has just picked up all five pieces of the Abishi set. I haven't played him with the full set active, so I don't know if it will work out for him, but the increase to his Evocation and Conjuration won't be a bad thing. I just have to figure out what I will be losing in exchange from the addition of the pieces. It will probably just mean that I am going to be changing a lot of things out during adventures now.

Toons: Well, I used that Heart of Wood to retool Wytorimabor. I used the basic build that is given in the ddowiki on the Dwarven Stalwart Defender......


This is unfinished, but it just may be soon...  Real life is happening

Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Epic Run Completed

Yep!  Finally!  Got my first epic adventure completed.  Lords of Dust, if you want to know.  I didn't get any scrolls or tokens for making epic weapons from that series though...  :-(

We also tried VoN1, but got wiped in the Arena.  How do you get out of the way of the kobold casters?  Or is there a series of spells you should have cast on you for the defense you will need to block them all?  Acid fog and death spells don't go well together... Well, off to fight another day!