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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Made Level 20!

Woot! Made level 20 a few days ago. Now to just make the Favor in order to get the 32 pt build and eventually Veteran II status... Just ran the new content with U13. It is very interesting, I hear that there is a named Dwarven Axe - one of my desires, which is epic-able. Just need to get it, as it would work nicely with Wytorimabor. Hope to find it soon. Also, I am now flagged for Tor, and got the shard from Rainbow... Still haven't ran Tor or ADQ1 yet, but that will change soon. I might just do them solo, on casual, to see if I can complete them on my own. Have a great day! --Wyt

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flagging progress and plans for Wytorimabor

I have been making progress in my efforts to flag for different raids/quests since my last post. I have actually been working lately, and two of my static group-mates are totally F2P and don't have the access to the content that I do, so game time has not been as optimal as it could be for Wytorimabor. I have also been running dungeons with my alt ‘toons: Slipperyfish Scallopini and Niernen the Green. With all of that, I still have been accomplishing things, is a positive. I am 2 ancient giant relics away from being flagged for Gianthold Tor, so I am just that much closer to the Reaver’s Fate Raid. I am also two Shavarath shards (Rainbow in the Dark, and ???) from being flagged for the Shroud raid. I am now flagged for Against the Demon Queen (ADQ1), which means I am one step closer to the Zawabi's Revenge Raid. On the leveling, I am about 15k XP away from level 20. I have already made Epic gear for him to use from the Cannith Challenges. I have an Epic Mournload War Hammer, and set of Epic Mournload Full Plate Mail, as well as a pair of Epic Rock Boots to go with it, so I will be geared for some of the epic quests that I would like to attempt. I figure that I will be at level 20 before I am flagged for the raids above, as I am running slayer/explorer/rare runs around the Sands, Meridia, and Gianthold; which tack on good amounts of experience as I wander the surrounding countryside. I am also working towards an Epic Stalker’s Ring for Slipperyfish, my rogue, for him to use when I get him up towards lvl 20. I am also waiting (patiently) for DDO to hopefully reopen Crystal Cove, as I love the loot that I can make from that run. I still want the Tier 3 Epic Cavalry Plate and I will decide on what I will wear primarily, it or the aforementioned Epic Mournload Plate. I don’t believe that I will ever TR Wytorimabor. I like him just the way he is, and I don’t want to change much, if anything about him. This might change in the future, but I would like to at least make it all the way to be able to run Epic leveled adventures and raids. I figure that I will end up using Wytorimabor as a raid runner, as well as an epic materials grabber to upgrade his epic gear once he attains level 20. That is, until DDO institutes U13 and 14, where the top end will be 25 and he will have 5 levels to work on, along with at least 3 more free runs to work out.