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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

U20 - Surprises!

I know how much we B**** about how the developers nerf stuff when they install a new update to our favorite online games.  I also know that we can't get into one of the adventures that we paid for with MotU with the House Deneith purchase (Spies in the House).

Noting that: when I updated, I read that the things that were particularly tweeky with me were actually fixed.  1) Wytorimabor, my main character, now doesn't lose his hp when switching weapons with his shield on. 2) His stalwart defensive stance and defensive sweep enhancements show a real icon, instead of the (quite comical) "do not use" icons that had been there since the installation of the new enhancement system.  3) Slipperyfish, my rogue on Argonessen, doesn't have to reapply the envenomed weapons enhancement each and every time he goes into an adventure.  That was particularly making me grumpy, as I would have to work that much harder if I forgot... 4) They fixed the nerf-ed enhancement problems with drow and their racial enhancements deleting every time they adjusted their epic destinies.  5) I can now LR my 1 iconic hero that I created before update 19, so he can receive the proper feats associated with the LoB.

These are the 4 5 that I have seen/read that they have fixed.  Now if they actually made things worse, I have not seen it.  I can wait for them to reopen the nerf-ed adventure.  There is a lot for me to do anyway, I can wait, as long as they don't take too long with it.  Hopefully they can fix more things than they break in the future and upcoming "hot fixes" and such.  At least my list of things that bug me has gone down, instead of up after an update.

Also, I have received my Raid Boxes as was promised.  I am sorry if anyone reading this has had a bad experience with this new cookie.

What things should they fix next?  Which are most important?  Besides, of course, reopening the nerf-ed quest... go ahead be the first to tell me.

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