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Sunday, March 31, 2013

GMTrojan / Wytorimabor

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 03.16.01
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Wytorimabor the Stalwart

Level 25 Lawful Good Dwarf Male
(20 Fighter \ 5 Epic)
Hit Points: 482
Spell Points: 0
BAB: 20\20\25\30\30
Fortitude: 17
Reflex: 9
Will: 7

                      Starting             Ending         Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats         Base Stats         Modified Stats
(28 Point)       (Level 1)          (Level 25)           (Level 25)

Strength             16                 25                   28
Dexterity            14                 16                   16
Constitution        16                 18                   20
Intelligence         14                 16                   16
Wisdom               8                 10                   10
Charisma             6                   8                     8

Tomes Used
+2 Tome of Strength used at level 8
+2 Tome of Dexterity used at level 8
+2 Tome of Constitution used at level 8
+2 Tome of Intelligence used at level 8
+2 Tome of Wisdom used at level 8
+2 Tome of Charisma used at level 8

                 Starting          Feat/Enhancement
                 Base Skills         Modified Skills
Skills           (Level 1)            (Level 25)

Balance               3.5                  23.5
Bluff                  -2                      4
Concentration      3                     10
Diplomacy          -2                      4
Disable Device     n/a                   n/a
Haggle                -2                      5.5
Heal                   -1                      5
Hide                    2                      8
Intimidate             2                    42
Jump                   7                    37
Listen                 -1                     5
Move Silently       2                     8
Open Lock          n/a                   n/a
Perform              n/a                   n/a
Repair                 2                     8
Search                 2                   10
Spot                   -1                     5
Swim                   3                   14
Tumble                3                     9
UMD                  -0.5                15.5

Notable (worn Regularly) Equipment
Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Goggles of Negative
Purple Dragon Armor
Purple Dragon Helm
Purple Dragon Gauntlets
Epic Rock Boots (Tier II)
Cloak of Night (Level 24)
Fabricators Bracers
Signet of the Shining Sun
Epic Ring of the Buccaneer (Tier II)
Elite Spider Cult Mask
Templar's Justice
Epic Swashbuckler (Tier II)

 Level 1 (Fighter)
Feat: (Selected) Toughness
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
Enhancement: Dwarven Armor Mastery I
Enhancement: Fighter Item Defense I
Enhancement: Fighter Toughness I

Level 2 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Combat Expertise
Enhancement: Fighter Armor Class Boost I
Enhancement: Fighter Haste Boost I
Enhancement: Fighter Strength I

Level 3 (Fighter)
Feat: (Selected) Bullheaded
Enhancement: Dwarven Constitution I
Enhancement: Racial Toughness I

Level 4 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Weapon Specialization: Slashing Weapons
Enhancement: Fighter Armor Class Boost II
Enhancement: Fighter Toughness II

Level 5 (Fighter)
Enhancement: Fighter Armor Mastery I
Enhancement: Fighter Item Defense II

Level 6 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Dodge
Feat: (Selected) Skill Focus: Intimidate
Enhancement: Fighter Strength II

Level 7 (Fighter)
Enhancement: Fighter Armor Class Boost III
Enhancement: Fighter Haste Boost II

Level 8 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons
Enhancement: Improved Intimidate I
Enhancement: Improved Intimidate II

Level 9 (Fighter)
Feat: (Selected) Stunning Blow
Enhancement: Fighter Stalwart Defender I
Enhancement: Fighter Greataxe Specialization I
Enhancement: Improved Intimidate III

Level 10 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Greater Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
Enhancement: Dwarven Shield Mastery I
Enhancement: Dwarven Shield Mastery II

Level 11 (Fighter)
Enhancement: Dwarven Constitution II

Level 12 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Greater Weapon Specialization: Slashing Weapons
Feat: (Selected) Two Handed Fighting
Enhancement: Fighter Stalwart Defender II
Enhancement: Racial Toughness II
Enhancement: Improved Intimidate IV

Level 13 (Fighter)

Level 14 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Power Attack
Enhancement: Fighter Strength III

Level 15 (Fighter)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Two Handed Fighting
Enhancement: Dwarven Shield Mastery III

Level 16 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Greater Two Handed Fighting

Level 17 (Fighter)
Enhancement: Fighter Toughness III

Level 18 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Shield Mastery
Feat: (Selected) Superior Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons

Level 19 (Fighter)
Enhancement: Fighter Stalwart Defender III
Enhancement: Fighter Greataxe Specialization II
Enhancement: Fighter Toughness IV

Level 20 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Improved Shield Mastery
Enhancement: Fighter Weapon Alacrity
Enhancement: Dwarven Spell Defense I
Enhancement: Fighter Armor Mastery II
Enhancement: Fighter Tower Shield Mastery I
Enhancement: Fighter Dwarven Waraxe Specialization I
Enhancement: Fighter Dwarven Waraxe Specialization II

Level 21 (Fighter)
Feat: (Selected) Great Strength

Level 22 (Fighter)

Level 23 (Fighter)

Level 24 (Fighter)

Level 25 (Fighter)